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Free website hosting available here.
Are you looking for a way to get free hosting so you can put up a small personal website without having to pay for it? You have come to the right place.

You can have your own websitesforfun.com website for free. Think of a name you like and place your order here. Your website would be whateveryouwant.websitesforfun.com and your URL that you give your friends would be http://whateveryouwant.websitesforfun.com or http://websitesforfun.com/whateveryouwant. Whichever way you prefer to say it.

Here are just a few examples:
- wildanimals.websitesforfun.com
- jokes.websitesforfun.com
- photography.websitesforfun.com
- theuniverse.websitesforfun.com
- rover.websitesforfun.com
The possibilities are endless, unless someone else has already taken it. ;o)
These ones are just samples and are not taken yet.

Just go to our ordering page and place your order and your site will be ready within 24 hours, usually much less.

What's included?
You get 20MB of space, 500MB of bandwidth, up to 10 POP accounts1, a cgi bin2, and a web based control panel where you can create your POP accounts, work on your site, check your sites statistics, and more.

1 You get 1 POP account which will be username@websitesforfun.com, (username is the user name you choose when you sign up), and 9 more POP accounts of your choice @yourwebsite.websitesforfun.com.
2 Use of our cgi scripts, or your own upon approval.

What's the catch?
None really. A banner at the bottom of your web pages just like the one you see at the bottom of this page. Other than that, you must agree with our Terms Of Service which are quite simple.
If you are looking for more, either more space, more bandwidth, more features, or your own domain name website, check out our standard hosting packages and other services we provide with the links below. Whatever you are looking for, we can probably provide, and with PWS, service and support are our top priorities at prices that are very competitive.

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